WordPress form does not work or webmail error fixing

Emails are not coming from the contact form on the WordPress website!!!

WordPress form does not work or webmail error.

Emails are not coming from the contact form on the WordPress website!!!

There is nothing to worry about.

From this post, you can easily fix it from your contact form.

For this first, you need to install a plugin( WP SMTP)

1st step (Plugin Install):

  • Install and activate WP SMTP from WordPress
  • Go to Settings of WP SMTP
  • Select Gmail from the mail options
  • Save settings
WP SMTP Plugins

2nd step (Google API Creation):


  • Open new tab 
  • Search https://console.cloud.google.com/
  • Create an account
  • Create a new project (Any Name)
  • Click API & Services from the Hamburger menu
  • click + Enable API and Services 
  • selects Gmail API from the Dropdown
  • Than Enable it
Gmail API Creation


  • Create a Credential
  • User Data>>>App Name( SMPT/if any )>>> Your email( Important)>>> Developer email(your email again) Save & Continue.
Gmail API set up

After that, leave the options as default, go to Next Next, and give Save & Continue


  • Authorized redirect URL >>> Add URL
  • Copy and paste the Authorized redirect URI you have in the SMTP dashboard in WordPress.

Then Click Create Button


  • Go to OAuth consent screen
  • Click Publish App 


  • Again go to credential options
  • edit OAuth clients(Pen icon)
  • You can see the client ID and secret key

Step 3(WP SMTP connect with Google):

  • Copy the client ID and secret key and paste it into the SMTP dashboard of WordPress.
  • Click connect with google
  • Then select your specific Gmail (Previously used in Step 2)
  • A warning message will show it’s nothing to panic about. Click goto wpmailsmtp.com(unsafe)
  • Click Continue
  • show successful massage (Click Ok)
WP SMTP configure

Then you simply click on the Save and Continue button and continue with the next steps. You may be asked for a license key at some stage, then click on Just Skip This Step. than click finish setup.

Congratulations has successfully completing your setup.

Step 4 (Form setup):

  • Now go to your WordPress page where the form is set up.
  • Go to the edit option of the form.
  • From Email Settings, Provide your email number where you want to receive mail.
  • Then submit the form from your website and see if everything is correct.

If not, then you have not completed any of the above steps correctly. Please follow the steps and try again.

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